(Free) Shoe Cleaning by Capital_PH

When buying a new pair of basketball kicks, I usually take note of around three factors that will ultimately affect my purchase.

First and foremost would have to be the shoe’s comfort and cushioning setup. After I tore my ACL in my left knee, I became more conscious of my footwear choices. Gone are the days when I could simply slip into any pair and play basketball for two to three hours without feeling any discomfort in my legs. Thankfully we live and play in an era where cushioning is already a highly-developed part of any shoe, regardless of whether it’s for basketball or casual use.

Next on my list would have to be the style of the shoe and how it looks on feet and on me. Does it make me look better on-court? Does it make me feel like my favorite NBA player? I love monochromatic shoes particularly in shades of white, black, and red. With the wide array of choices available in the market today, each and every year’s offerings just get better and better. There are suede, nubuck, engineered mesh, Flyknit and Primeknit options for basketball shoes which makes the selection process quite challenging but totally fun.

Last but certainly not least, I look at how easy it is to clean the pair I want before I pull the trigger on my next hooping shoe. Let’s face it, even if we all know that basketball is such a high-speed and high-pressure game, we would like to save our latest Nikes, Jordans, and adidas and keep them in perfect condition as much as possible. It’s unavoidable to have scuffs and scratches on basketball kicks most especially when you’re running back and forth 94 feet of hardwood or cement and trying your best to stop your man from scoring one on you.

Fortunately for us basketball sneakerheads, Capital_PH has us covered. For every purchase of any regular footwear from any of their doors, we’re entitled to one shoe cleaning coupon for ANY PAIR OF KICKS. I feel like I have to stress this part because personally before knowing about this service, I was doubtful as to what pairs I could have them clean. Was it just shoes purchased from them?


Every footwear from Capital_PH comes with a free shoe cleaning coupon that customers can use to have any pair of shoes (even those purchased in other stores) cleaned. Capital_PH believes in providing extra services as a way of expressing their gratitude to their customers.

The Capital staff thoroughly explained that any pair can be cleaned, whether or not it was purchased from Capital. Now you must be thinking, what does Capital even have that I can purchase in order to get the free shoe cleaning? Capital has a variety of options ranging from casual pairs and running shoes, and most recently even basketball kicks.

To help you make your first (or next) purchase from Capital, I recently made a list of the Top 5 kicks that should be in your rotation. All pairs featured in this article are available at Capital and will automatically entitle you to free shoe cleaning for one of your pairs.

Drop by any of Capital’s doors today and check out their offerings including the latest Air Jordan retros, adidas kicks featuring Boost technology, and many others.


5 types of #KICKS ballers like you need in your rotation

The legend of Filipinos playing basketball in flip-flops has spread all over the world. Pacific Rims by Rafe Bartholomew proclaimed to the world just how much Filipinos worship Basketball. It’s no secret that Pinoys love the game so much that even a lack of proper footwear can’t hold us back from playing some basketball.

However given the high demands of the game, such as running, jumping, and cutting, having the proper footwear is essential in injury-prevention and performance-enhancement. With the speed of the game, one minute detail can make such a difference.

Having the right shoes doesn’t only mean having the latest basketball shoes loaded with technology, but more importantly, it’s having the right footwear for every occasion.

Basketball players, especially those just starting to get into the lifestyle, fail to recognize that the game doesn’t end when the buzzer sounds and when someone wins. Basketball and every other sport for that matter is a never-ending process of getting better.

The real work starts when the lights are off and when you’re in an empty gym. Basketball is the reward for working hard in the weight room or on the track. This is why it’s important to have the proper footwear to maximize the moments spent training and preparing for the game. That means having running shoes, training shoes, and even off-court shoes.

The last thing any basketball player would like is an injury to the lower extremities so having the proper footwear is a step towards preventing early retirement from the game we all love.

1. Basketball Shoes

First and foremost on this list would have to be basketball shoes. Basketball is such a high-intensity activity that having the right shoes is almost a non-negotiable. You may argue that Pinoys have always been wearing flip-flops to play basketball and seem to be perfectly fine. But we believe that if these flip-flop wearing Pinoys lace up some basketball shoes, they’ll perform tremendously better.


The Jordan Super Fly 2017 is Jordan Brand’s latest team basketball shoe. The Super Fly 2017 is versatile enough to be worn from the point guards all the way to the centers.

Aside from eliminating the occurrence of the “flying tsinelas”, Pinoy ballers can be confident in landing safely on their “buwis-buhay” leaps. Ethyl Vinyl Acethyl (EVA) foam which is the simplest cushioning setup in basketball shoes is worlds apart than standard flip-flop cushioning. Even the most basic basketball shoe has better traction than some flip-flop bought from the market. The deep grooves and extra-durable rubber compounds in these basketball shoes translate into better reaction times and quicker responses which ultimately make the game and the player better.

2. Running Shoes 

Even if basketball already involves so much running, basketball players still need to run whether on the track or in their streets. Running, as an exercise, improves cardio-vascular endurance which helps basketball players perform in crunch time when the game is on the line.


The adidas Pure Boost 2017 is one of the brand’s more popular running silhouettes. Full-length Boost provides a soft yet responsive ride perfect for those short runs. This shoe can even double up as a casual shoe, but given it’s color, caution should be applied.


The Nike Vapor Max is the latest offering from the Swoosh. Boasting the most “Air” in any Nike shoe, the Vapor Max offers enough cushion for a comfortable ride, but still has stability as its biggest strength.

Whether you feel like jogging, running, or sprinting, working one’s legs is key not just in better basketball performance, but generally for overall wellness. Not all surfaces are created equal which means you need a shoe that caters to any type of terrain while offering the cushioning setup which you feel most comfortable with. There are various materials out there such as innovative Flyknit and Primeknit which conform to your foot and mold to your foot shape with every wear. Traditional materials such as engineered mesh and synthetic leather offer tried-and-tested options that depend on your preference.

3. Training Shoes

Weight training is still an often overlooked aspect of basketball. There are still ideas swirling out there that weights can be detrimental to basketball players for a variety of reasons. Some people still believe that lifting weights can slow a basketball player down as these will make one “bulky”, but the truth couldn’t be any farther from this notion. Weight training is a key part of why professional basketball players in the NBA and PBA seem to play the game so effortlessly. In case you were still skeptical, just look at LeBron James and you’ll see why weight training is crucial.

Training shoes generally must have flat bases that are suited for major lifts such as the squat and the deadlift. By having a flat base, you can lift heavier without worrying about being out of balance or getting injured.

4. Off-Court Shoes

“If you look good, you feel good, if you feel good, you play good, if you play good, they pay good.”

Deion Sanders is a firm believer in looking good in order to be getting paid good and you should too. Whether you admit it or not, wearing nice things definitely affects your mood. Whether it’s wearing a stylish shirt or hyped kicks, we all feel that extra bounce in our step.


Nothing beats classics such as the adidas Superstar. The signature look makes the Superstar a perennial favorite of both old and young sneakerheads.

Basketball, as with other things in life, boils down to a matter of confidence. You might be putting in the work on the court and in the gym, but if the confidence isn’t there, there’s no way you’ll be able to perform once the lights are on and the pressure is there.

Off-court shoes come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Style takes precedence when selecting off-court shoes over performance. You’ll be wearing your off-court shoes for getting to the games and events which means you can match these with whatever outfit you have.

5. Slides and Sandals 

Every baller needs a trusty pair of slides. Being a Filipino, having a durable and comfortable pair of tsinelas is a definite need.

Slides allow basketball players the perfect mix of being chill yet game-ready heading to the gym. No one ever wants to stain and damage basketball kicks which is almost inevitable once you walk around Manila’s streets and alleys. There’s always the threat of dirt or mud staining your precious kicks which is why a pair of slides always comes in handy.

Slides nowadays come in all types of materials such as Nike’s Solarsoft foam which offers top-notch cushioning and breathable materials. Nike’s slides are versatile enough to be worn even at the beach so it’s an investment that you can use all year round.

BasketBola would like to thank the good people over at Capital and Nike Forum for providing us time to shoot inside their stores. If you’re looking to score some of the pairs featured in this article, head on over to any of Capital’s branches in Trinoma, UP Town Center, Glorietta 4, Uptown BGC, Circuit Makati, Festival Mall, and Ayala 30th. Nike Forum has stores in Robinson’s Magnolia, Ayala Serin, and Harbor Point Subic.

Both stores feature wide range of products that cater to just about any type of sneakerhead you may be.



DECATHLON: Basketball Galore

Decathlon is a brand that had previously been unknown to Filipinos prior to 2017.

The Decathlon Group is a French company and is the largest sporting goods retailer in the world with presence in over 38 countries through its 1100 stores. Founded in 1976, Decathlon has now become the name synonymous with anything and everything sports-related.

The retailer offers a wide range of sporting goods that cater to almost every imaginable sport out there. Decathlon sells equipment for indoor sports such as basketball and table tennis while also having outdoor sports equipment like fishing rods and mountaineering gear.

Decathlon’s first expansion store in the Philippines is located at Festival Mall in Alabang and stays true to the brand’s store identity. All Decathlon stores are characterized by their giant locations with an average size of 4,000m². That’s pretty huge for a sporting goods store but is necessary for everything Decathlon offers its fellow sports lovers all over the world.

Being a basketball blog, Basketbola will simply focus on the basketball products which are unique to Decathlon and are worth trying out. I was particularly intrigued by the insane amount of options for basketballs available in store.

Filipinos, on average, are exposed to just three kinds of basketballs throughout their lifetime. This topic deserves an article by itself so I’ll save this for some other time. Generally, Pinoys will play basketball with a leather ball and rubber ball.

Filipinos will play basketball as long as you give them a hoop and ball or even just things that resemble those two. Heck we’ve been playing basketball with trash cans and crumpled pieces of paper for as long as we can all remember.

Decathlon manufactures its own line of basketball equipment under its own brand Kipsta. What’s so cool about this brand is how its basketballs are so unique from everything else on the market. It’s as if Kipsta has a basketball for every kind of surface/age/taste there is out there.

For starters, Kipsta manufactures eight different kinds of basketballs. Their basketballs cater to little kids starting to learn the game to international players playing in FIBA regulated tournaments.

But among the eight products Kipsta manufactures, two basketballs particularly caught my eye. The Kipsta Tarmak 300 and 500 definitely stood out from the pack and made me try the basketballs on the spot.


The Tarmak 300 is perhaps my first encounter with a 16-panel basketball. Usually, basketballs only have 8 panels which are found all over the ball’s surface. Shooters like Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry, arguably the best shooting duo in the world, place great emphasis on establishing their grip on the ball’s “lines” which help them shoot the lights out.

On the product description for the Tarmak 300,  Kipsta highlights the 16-panel feature of this product as an aid to help make ball handling easier. This may feel weird for some basketball players as the Philippine basketball has always been played on an 8-panel basketball.

I personally haven’t tried playing with the Tarmak 300, but from my brief experience with the product, I must say that it was easier to handle that basketball as I felt my fingertips making contact with the additional ridges. It felt grippier and would certainly allow me to have a tighter handle. I felt like Kyrie Irving on the Decathlon floor dribbling the Tarmak 300. The ball felt like it was on a string. The Tarmak 300 retails for P 300 which is not bad considering that it’s unique and is arguably the only thing of its kind in the market.


However if there’s a ball that’s truly a cannot-miss, in my opinion, it would have to be the Tarmak 500. Even before looking at the ball racks closely, I already saw the Tarmak 500 and it immediately caught my attention. The Tarmak 500 is a black basketball with hits of yellow-green gradient on its typography. Two panels make up the Tarmak 500’s surface. One panel looks like the tire patterns seen on cars and motorcycles, while the other panel consists of closely-grouped circles.

This was my personal favorite and the ball which I wanted to take home with me. I stood there looking at the Tarmak 500 and thinking of the millions of Pinoy ballers who play on streets and dirt roads all over the archipelago. This was the perfect basketball for them, for us. The price tag on the Tarmak 500 is also a welcome sight at just P 600 which is an acceptable price for a ball that’s as tough as this one.

Sure, the Tarmak 500 felt chunky and very grippy fresh from the store. From the looks of it, the Tarmak 500 looks like a ball that’ll last you hundreds of games even on the cruelest surfaces. I feel that once the Tarmak 500 is broken in, it’ll be a great performer even on pristine wooden floors.

In a Molten and Spalding-dominated basketball market, the Philippines can definitely use another basketball brand that’ll cater to the best basketball fans in the world. Decathlon and Kipsta are fairly new to the Philippine market, but it’ll only be a matter of time until we start seeing and playing with Kipsta basketballs in our pick up games.

You may visit their online store at https://www.decathlon.ph/ to check out all their products and offerings. But I personally suggest visiting their store at Festival Mall to really experience the breadth and width of Decathlon.

Decathlon is a must-visit for any sports fanatic and even just those starting a hobby. With affordable prices and quality products, Decathlon helps Filipinos dive in different sports that they’ve always wanted to try.

Check out other photos from BasketBola’s trip to Decathlon below:

Save your Soles

Shoes were made for the simple reason of serving as foot protection. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors were all about avoiding wounds and injuries to their lower extremities that could have spelled their death.

Fast-forward to today, shoes are no longer just a means of protecting one’s feet. With the birth of a sub-culture populated by millions of shoe enthusiasts collectively known as sneakerheads, shoes have become a fashion statement and a means of self-expression rolled into one.

Being a sneakerhead myself, I have to admit that buying a new pair of shoes has got to be one of the best feelings in the world. Seeing the shoe in immaculate condition elevates its status as an art form. Smelling that new-shoe smell is quite soothing and exciting. Feeling a collection of different materials fused into one masterpiece is amazing. It is also for these very reasons why many sneakerheads are afraid to wear their latest pickups.

In the Philippines, where the weather is unpredictable, the elements are always out to ruin one’s sneakers. In the heat of the sun, dirt and dust are everywhere. When it’s raining cats and dogs, puddles and mud can definitely destroy one’s most prized footwear possessions.

Crep Protect is a company that specializes in protecting everything from your Jordans to your Ultraboosts. Crep Protect boasts of its nano technology which acts as a clear and invisible protective coating for your kicks. What does all this mean?

It basically a water-repellant spray that beads up liquid making it easier to clean with just a quick wipe after a spill. What’s even better is that a single treatment of Crep Protect (two coatings) can last up to two weeks.

Crep recently held a free shoe cleaning day for Capital PH customers at its Trinoma location. Crep brought out the Crep thrones which definitely gave me the feeling of sneaker royalty.

Even walk-in customers were welcome to have their kicks given a dab of Crep Cure, a cleaning solution that cleans deep and restores your shoes to that fresh-out-the-book look and feel.

Sneakerheads that purchased any regular-priced footwear were given a free coating of Crep Protect to make sure that their newest gems are ready for wear.

You may be wondering, “is Crep Protect safe for delicate materials such as suede and knit?” Crep Protect is proud of its 98% natural solution that ensures materials don’t bleed into each other.

For the record, all your Flyknits and Primeknits are safe with Crep Protect.

For more information about their products, follow @crepprotectph on Instagram.

NLEX + Kiefer = Future PBA Champions?

Basketball will always be played on a 10-foot rim. No matter how advanced the game may become, with all analytics-driven analyses and experimentation on the floor, rims will always be 10 feet above the ground.

With that being the case, another basketball fact will be that height will always be might. It’s pretty simple. The closer you are to the rim, the better your chances of scoring. That holds true for about 98% of the basketball-playing/loving world with the exception of the Golden State Warriors. Those guys just don’t care how near or far they are from the rim.

Height can never be taught and that’s why it’s so valuable. In the Philippines, where the average Filipino’s height is 5’3, anything above 5’9 is already tall. Due to height scarcity,  the trend in the Philippine Basketball Associaton (PBA) has always been to draft the tallest guy available regardless of team fit and function. Having a legitimate big guy makes a world of difference on the basketball court.

The San Miguel Beermen (SMB) found a way to trade up the draft ladder and get the chance to pair Christian Standhardinger and four-time Most Valuable Player (MVP) JuneMar Fajardo. Standhardinger and Fajardo form a formidable twin tower combination that can look eye-to-eye with the likes of Ginebra’s Greg Slaughter and Japeth Aguilar.

Good for San Miguel, but bad news for the rest of the PBA, right?

Well, not exactly. Coming in at second, the NLEX Road Warriors drafted former Ateneo superstar Kiefer Ravena. Albeit standing at just 5’10, a figure still considered small in the PBA, Ravena has a lot to offer aside from his vertical reach.

Even NLEX head coach Yeng Guiao believes Ravena is PBA-ready. The fiery mentor shared high praise for his rookie as he figures out how to feature Ravena in the squad’s schemes. The Road Warriors have been on the come up ever since Guiao took the reins and instilled his system. NLEX made it to the playoffs in the Governor’s Cup but eventually got booted out by the Star Hot Shots in the quarterfinals. Adding a player of Ravena’s caliber definitely improves their roster.

Ravena, a veteran of international tournaments, looks to translate his experience with Gilas Pilipinas onto the PBA. Aside from his scoring prowess, Ravena is a promising playmaker that makes his teammates look good with fantastic set-ups. His most recent Gilas assignments have shown his decision-making and composure, especially in late game situations.

It seems like the PBA and its fans have been waiting for Kiefer for an eternity already.  Ever since his dazzling days as Ateneo’s golden boy, Kiefer has always been destined to make it to the pros. His game-winners in college have made every basketball fan’s imagination run wild. Only time will tell which version of Kiefer Ravena PBA fans will see once he makes his debut.

Will we see killer Kiefer, the guy who always takes the last shot, the I-don’t-care-what-my-percentage-is-but-I’ll-make-this-anyway, the savior the Ateneo faithful pinned their hopes to when the seniors graduated?

Perhaps we’ll see “sharing is caring” Kiefer, the Gilas pass-first iteration of the Phenom, who always makes the right read and pass en route to a highlight play by Standhardinger or Kobe Paras.

But with Coach Yeng molding Kiefer in his early years in the PBA, who knows what type of Ravena we’ll see on the floor. Guiao has been known for turning no-name cagers into fan-favorite players. Guiao’s coaching style allows average talents become superb professionals in the PBA. Kiefer is by no means devoid of basketball talent. He’s actually the complete opposite. Blessed with a complete skill set and a natural feel for the game, Kiefer has what it takes to become one of the league’s brightest stars in the near future. Guiao just might unleash an unheard and unseen version of Kiefer that might propel them to the PBA summit. It might take NLEX years to hoist a championship or it just might possibly be next conference.


Alaska just aced the 2017 PBA Draft

The Alaska Aces have always been known to play by the rules. Rarely does the Fred Uytengsu-owned squad get caught up in controversy in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

Whether it’s the ever-contentious issue about salary or the Philippine team player loans, the Aces always seem to be the good guys.

Last Sunday, during the 2017 PBA Draft, Alaska was yet again quiet and rule-abiding as it always is. In a Christian Standhardinger-Kiefer Ravena-bannered draft, players such as Jeron Teng became an afterthought. For the good guys like Alaska, having Jeron on the board was a testament that good guys don’t always finish last, or lose, or get the short end of the stick.

jeron alaska

Jeron Teng is flanked by fellow bruiser Calvin Abueva, Chris Exciminiano, and Aces Coach Alex Compton. (Photo courtesy of SPIN,ph)

In any other draft class, Jeron would easily be the #1 pick. With a stuffed amateur resume coupled with the physique of a 10-year pro, Jeron would have made every team drool after him. He’s proven that he has what it takes to be a franchise player with his stellar career with De La Salle University. He keeps his mouth shut and simply lets his game do the talking.

To see Jeron drop to the fifth pick was a surprise because he shouldn’t be the fifth pick at all. Fortunately for Alaska, the two preceding teams, Blackwater and Phoenix, opted for height and went with Raymar Jose and Jason Perkins. Jose is a rebounding stud, seemingly blessed with a nose for the ball, while Perkins is a playmaking whiz, capable of running the point albeit his size and heft. Jeron, on the other hand, is a jack of all trades that can fill in whatever a team needs. Teng has shown consistent improvement every year as a Green Archer. As a freshman, Jeron simply used brute strength over smaller opponents, but slowly polished his shot and tightened his handle. Senior-year Jeron was polished enough that DLSU’s offense was running through him ala Blake Griffin for the Clippers.

potts alaska

Davon Potts and girlfriend Rizza Diaz were all smiles after being drafted by the Alaska Aces. (Photo courtesy of SPIN.ph)

In the second round, Alaska made another excellent pick when they used their 18th pick (2nd round, 6th pick) on sweet shooting Davon Potts. The former San Beda Red Lion torched opposing defenses in the collegiate leagues with his signature three-point bombs. Potts comes into Alaska looking to fill the void recently vacated by Dondon Hontiveros. The Cebuano Hotshot spaced the floor for the Aces and opened up the paint for drives. Potts, once he finds his groove and range in the pros, will open up the floor for Alaska, creating wide-open lanes for slashers such as Teng. Potts has also been known to be fearless in taking last-second shots. This ability to drain daggers will come in handy most especially in the PBA where competition is higher.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 11.59.28 PM.png

Jeron has been a winner ever since his days in Xavier School and De La Salle University.

Aside from the positional fit, both Teng and Potts come from winning programs and thus are familiar with the habits of champions.  Alaska is no stranger to winning as it is a part of a small fraternity of grand slam teams. Winning players thrive in winning situations. Both Teng and Potts are familiar with hoisting championships and cutting down nets and so is Alaska.

potts champ.jpg

Potts was instrumental in leading San Beda to the title during his final run with the team.

From the outside looking in, Alaska definitely beefed up their line-up with their latest rookie additions. Only time will tell if Teng and Potts will turn out to be the players their collegiate careers destined them to be.

But in the meantime, even in the PBA draft, wala pa ring tatalo sa Alaska. 


Lonzo, welcome to Beverley Hills!

Lonzo Ball has been the talk of NBA fans all over the world ever since he was a freshman at University of California – Los Angeles.

Today, the much-anticipated Los Angeles Lakers’ anointed savior finally made his debut on the hardwood at Staples Center against their LA rivals the Los Angeles Clippers.

pat lonzo 3

Patrick Beverley played every single Laker passing lane when he was on the floor.

However, after all the talk and smack that his father Lavar spewed out this past summer, current NBA players seem to be targeting the 19-year-old rookie, as sort of a way to put him in his place.

Lonzo could have been matched up with any other point guard for his first game. Match him up say against Darren Collison or Elfrid Payton, and I can guarantee that he’ll have a better stat line compared to three points, nine boards, and four assists. But the basketball gods seemingly had to enact poetic justice on this young man by having Patrick “1st Team All-Defense” Beverley attached to his hip from the get-go.

pat lonzo 4

Beverley giving Ball a slight nudge as he crossed up half-court, causing the #2 overall pick stumble to the floor.

Beverley, who has got to be one of the most tenacious defenders in the League. Pat is such a pain in the ass that players really get pissed at him. He just doesn’t get tired. He keeps on bumping and pushing and shoving and along with his filthy trash talk, Beverley just gets under your skin. Coming off a stellar performance with the Houston Rockets last season, Pat seems to be in the flow with his new squad from opening night.

Pat lives in “Beverley Hills” and he took young Lonzo out on a tour last night. It’s the complete opposite of the world-renowned Beverly Hills. The former is a living hell here on Earth, 94 feet of relentless ball pressure, body checks, and a whole lot of taunts and jeers. The latter is a haven of luxury, beauty, and the finer things in life where the world’s most beautiful faces live lavishly and relax royally.

pat lonzo 2

Pat tested Lonzo’s defense and put pressure on him to defend his shot.

Lonzo has been an LA kid for all of his life. It’s the reason why Lavar famously and insistently “spoke into existence” the Lakers drafting the 6’6 floor general. Spending his entire life in Los Angeles, I’m pretty sure Lonzo has fantasized about living in Beverly Hills. But for tonight, he discovered a new place in LA and he certainly wouldn’t want to live there heck even visit if he had the choice.

This is Lonzo’s first game and with such a dismal performance, things can only go up from this point. Lonzo has wowed scouts, legends, and even his peers with the things he can do on a basketball court. Many have praised him as the next best point guard, the leader of a pass-first revolution in the NBA’s most noteworthy position.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 5.18.45 PM

Beverley here taunting Lonzo with the infamous “You Can’t See Me” gesture from WWE superstar John Cena.

But in the meantime, before Lonzo assumes the spotlight that’s awaiting his rise, LA will have to live in Beverley Hills. It’s not as glamorous or fancy as Showtime, but it gets the job done and delivers the wins by stopping one point guard at a time, each and every night. It’s a neighborhood characterized by raucous behavior, distasteful taunts, and a continous reminder that you’re living on a 1st Team All-Defense-maintained property.

Lonzo is the first resident and proud owner of a lot in Beverley Hills. He’ll tell you firsthand how airtight the security is and how you should try living here too.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 5.15.07 PM

Pat Bev is just pesky and irritating. That’s his calling card. That’s the way he operates and it’s been working ever since.

Now Pat Beverley has 28 other lots to sell on his prime Beverley Hills real estate and fill and he’s more than ready to take on the challenge.